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The closeness of a professional translation firm

Tradgo is a translation firm with the comprehensive expertise to support companies in Quebec, Canada, and around the world with their various business projects.

Our double general and technical specialization allows us to act as a language specialist in many areas of business. Our team comprises translators, linguists, revisers, copywriters, project managers, and graphic designers who are fuelled by excellence and who have a keen business sense. We rigorously take care of your language solutions while you focus on maximizing your business activities. We don’t work for you. We work with you.

A business sense that sets our translation firm apart

Business success is no longer the exclusive domain of managers and sales teams. In a world where commercial globalization is increasing, collaborating with a translation firm that has a keen business sense is a wise idea. Our team takes the time to analyze your needs, challenges, and business models in order to offer you relevant language solutions that match your ambitions. In addition, the increased pace of work often goes hand in hand with tight deadlines—an important reality that requires the support of agile, proactive suppliers. The flexibility of our schedules and processes definitely helps position our multidisciplinary translation firm as a strategic partner in your growth.


Excellence is not only what motivates our day-to-day activities, but also what makes our clients stand out in their industry.


Respect is at the heart of our functions and our exchanges. Our clients are—above all—partners with whom we build lasting relationships.


We actively adapt to the projects and evolution of our clients. Flexibility is a know-how-to-be that complements our know-how.

Are you looking for a reliable partner that takes your success to heart?