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Law: a division at the heart of our translation firm

Law is a sector that requires the support of a high-calibre translation firm boasting not only advanced language skills, but also firmly established sectoral expertise. Our division of hand-picked jurilinguist translators translates your documents in accordance with the official terminology, and our team of revisers performs comprehensive quality control to ensure the linguistic quality of the final content. From contracts to expert reports, including annual and financial reports, we deliver content that meets the highest industry standards. And, thanks to significant confidentiality protection measures, our clients can grow their business with peace of mind. Rely on quality to ensure your reputation.

A translation firm that acts as the extension of your team

The legal sector involves several challenges, especially when it comes to the acceleration of the pace of work, which inevitably leads to an increased demand for translation, along with tight deadlines. Do you have a contract that needs to be translated as soon as possible? Do you need to have your annual report translated quickly? The team at Tradgo is there for you, for an emergency or for a large-scale project. Each week, marketing communication agencies, law firms, banks, consulting firms, and various companies entrust their documents to us. Our valuable human capital and our efficient project management service allow us to manage high volumes strategically, in accordance with the highest quality standards associated with the legal sector. At Tradgo, we’re by your side and ready to maximize your business.

Translating legal documents requires rigour and flexibility.