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Health and safety

A translation firm that understands the importance of your human capital

These days, the human resources sector occupies a highly strategic position within companies. Tradgo’s mission is to support organizations in maximizing the profitability of their multilingual communications. Thanks to their high-level expertise in human resources and a proven quality control process, our translators act as experts, especially for the translation of theoretical and practical training documents, employment contracts, strategic management plans, employee handbooks, and performance evaluations. And, since talent attraction is a major challenge, developing a business partnership with a translation firm specializing in web and marketing content is a concrete advantage. We translate your company’s environment and values with enthusiasm. Working with Tradgo means expanding the reach of your employer brand and your various communications.

Employee health and safety: at the heart of our translation firm’s concerns

In business, health and safety is a key issue in virtually all organizations. To ensure the successful completion of their projects internally and the quality of their multilingual communications, companies have every interest in relying on a flexible translation firm that has proven its worth in the field of health and safety. Employee assistance programs (EAPs), training materials, inspection reports, prevention documents, labour policies, risk assessments, and various procedures: our team has mastered the fundamentals of a wide variety of media. The flexibility of our team and the proximity that we have with our clients make us stand out as a language services provider.

The health of your organization also depends on the quality of your multilingual communications.