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A translation company with multiple areas of expertise

Our translation company breaks its areas of expertise down into two main divisions. General translation is handled by a team of versatile and passionate professional translators, while technical translation projects are assigned to our specialized translators, who have developed an in-depth knowledge of their area of interest.

General translation:
multidisciplinary expertise

Whether you’re a company offering products or services or a public or semipublic organization, the quality of your multilingual communications is essential to the success of your activities and the growth of your business. At Tradgo, general translation is handled by university-educated translators who take the clarity and precision of your writing to heart. Thanks to our full team of experts, our general translation service can be applied to a variety of sectors. Our ability to optimize your communications, thanks to our comprehensive expertise and our custom solutions, is a major asset for your various projects. At Tradgo, we’re here your side and here to maximize your business.

Technical translation: multidimensional knowledge

Synonymous with rigour and precision, technical translation is handled by a team of university-educated technical translators. The in-depth disciplinary expertise of our professional translators combined with their solid terminological mastery allows them to work on various projects—from the simplest to the most complex—as language experts. Whatever your field of business, we respect your standards and terminology, and we adapt to your constraints and challenges. Our ability to handle large volumes and our profitable solutions supported by a personalized approach make our translation company stand out.

Translation process

Because competition is fierce, standing out is indispensable when it comes to growing your business. At Tradgo, we’ve established reliable quality control processes to deliver quality translations and contribute to your brand’s reach.

Turnkey solutions

As the pace of work accelerates and tight deadlines increase, creating a relationship of trust with a translation company offering turnkey service is a concrete advantage for your business.


Do you have questions about our team of experts or how our translation company operates? We’ve collected 10 frequently asked questions/answers in our FAQ section.