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A translation company that supports your growth

Consisting of more than 134,200 companies, the Canadian retail industry plays a crucial role in the economy. Tradgo is proud to support a wide range of companies in their growth on the local, national, and international scales. From automobiles to home furnishings, as well as health products, clothing, entertainment products, and shoes, we act as language specialists in a wide variety of fields while respecting the highest quality standards. By combining experienced human resources, a high performance capacity, quality control procedures, and an individualized client approach, our translation company positions itself as a real growth partner for companies in the retail sector. Whether you have product descriptions, expert reports, manufacturing processes, labels, or any other document related to your commercial activities, see Tradgo as a valued member of your team.

The business sense of a translation company specializing in the retail sector

At Tradgo, we’re not only language specialists. We understand your issues, your challenges, and your constraints, but above all, we work in the same direction as you to help you increase your sales. Our keen business sense allows us to analyze your needs accurately and offer you profitable and effective language solutions that align with your goals. Since online sales dominate the retail market, companies must mobilize competent and reliable resources to ensure their reach on the web. Attracting consumers and convincing them to buy your products or services: those are the two goals that our team of translators has in mind when the time comes to translate product descriptions. Did you know that Tradgo provides you with a team specializing in web and marketing adaptation to optimize your return on investment?

Consumers no longer buy a product or service, but the values behind it, and reflecting these values in your content is an art.