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A translation service with a complete and reliable process

At Tradgo, our translation process isn’t limited to the translation of your documents. Five steps allow us to analyze your needs accurately, propose a personalized solution, translate your documents rigorously, and deliver content that meets the highest quality standards in the industry. With us, artificial intelligence is only a working tool. It’s professional translators who take care of the translation and revision services for your documents.



  • Analysis of the client’s needs (nature of the project, communication goals, desired deadlines, etc.)
  • Submission of the best proposal to the client
  • Development of a custom turnkey solution (if necessary)


  • Preparation of a production schedule
  • Extraction of the content to be translated
  • Strategic organization of the files


  • Terminological research (official/expert resources)
  • Establishment of a table of questions for the client in the case of highly technical documents and follow-ups with the client
  • Translation, adaptation, and proofreading of the content by a professional translator


  • Clarification of any ambiguities in the vocabulary and syntax
  • Verification of the appropriateness of the content in terms of the linguistic code
  • Overall quality control


  • Conversion of the files to the format requested by the client (if necessary)
  • Delivery of the translated files to the client within the agreed timeframe
  • Approval by the client
Demand excellence in translation.