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All organizations want to optimize their efficiency and their profitability. To achieve this, they must actively seek to reduce their operating costs. Tradgo, a translation company in Montréal, therefore offers you the following five pieces of advice to help you reduce your translation costs:

1. Choose a translation company in Montréal that can meet all your needs.

By doing business with the right translation company in Montréal, you’ll have a reliable partner that will offer you all the services you need under one roof. For you, that’s a way to save precious time and money. Instead of relying on multiple freelancers, choose a single translation company that offers you efficient service and an excellent price-quality ratio, like Tradgo.

Don’t hesitate to ask the translation company what they can do to support you in various fields, such as general, administrative, legal, marketing, or technical translation.

2. Integrate the translation stage into your planning.

Another way to reduce the bill from the translation company in Montréal is to send your requests far enough in advance to avoid rush rates. To do this, don’t hesitate to ask the translation company some questions about their normal translation times to get an idea of the time that you should set aside for the translation of your documents. Once you have this information in hand, you’ll be able to integrate the translation stage into your internal deadlines and avoid any last-minute surprises.

3. Consolidate your translation requests.

Generally speaking, the translation company will apply a minimum rate to each request that you send them. If you send several small texts separately, you’ll have to pay the minimum rate for each one. But if you group them together into a single request, you can save a ton of money. In addition, consider appointing a contact person who will be responsible for sending all the translation requests from your company and who will be able to consolidate them, if necessary.

4. Always send the final version of a text to the translation company in Montréal.

If you send multiple successive versions of the same text to the translation company, the bill can climb very quickly. However, if you include the translation stage in your planning, as suggested above, you won’t need to send new versions at the last minute. If you send the final version of your text, you’ll only pay for the translation once.

5. Reduce the number of words to be translated.

As you probably know, the price of a translation depends on the number of words contained in the text to be translated. You can therefore reduce your bill in different ways:
• Eliminate redundancies, repetitive passages, footnotes, and unnecessary parentheses.
• Proofread and revise the text carefully before sending it to the translation company to make it more concise.
• Clearly indicate to the translation company the passages that don’t need to be translated, if your document contains passages that aren’t intended for the readers of your text (e.g., internal notes).
• Consider only having a summary of your document translated.

Tradgo hopes that these tips will be useful to you. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the translation services that we offer at the best prices.

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