Did you know that Canada accounts for around 10% of the global translation market? In Québec, the province with the highest number of translators, the translation market represents some 2.5 billion dollars. It’s not surprising that Montréal collects the lion’s share of this market, considering the various universities and the numerous head offices that are located there. Here are 3 things to know about the evolution of the translation market in Montréal:

1. Translation in Montréal is an industry driven by Canada’s official bilingualism.

The Official Languages Act was adopted in Canada almost 50 years ago. This official bilingualism led to the creation of university training programs and an extensive translation market to meet the enormous demand for translation into the two official languages (English and French) generated by various government agencies. Today, the public sector is still an important client for translation agencies in Montréal. However, spending cuts in the government have forced several agencies to diversify their offerings and turn more to the private sector, which now represents a higher proportion of the translation projects in Montréal.

2. The translation market is tuning in to globalization.

Our metropolis has become a cosmopolitan city that’s open to the world. Globalization is forcing Canadian businesses to communicate with their customers in multiple languages. It has therefore created a new demand for translation into languages such as Spanish and Mandarin. To respond to this demand, many translation agencies in Montréal now offer multilingual translation services.

In addition, digital technologies are making borders more malleable, so it’s easier for translation agencies in Montréal to export their services to other countries. However, they also have to contend with competition from foreign translators (especially those from emerging countries), who often work for lower rates. Agencies in Montréal must deal with this competition by demonstrating their added value – that is, their ability to produce translations that are perfectly tailored to the markets of Québec and Canada as well as their customs.

3. Translation agencies in Montréal are standing out with new turnkey offers.

To tackle the global competition, translation agencies in Montréal need to stand out through their customer service and their turnkey solutions. For these agencies, it’s about cultivating close, long-term relationships with their clients to properly understand their needs and produce suitable translations. It’s also about combining supplementary services with their translation services, such as revision services.

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